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Argus has several new Hunter pets to tame Sometimes it feels like the people at Wowhead and Petopia are out to get me. See, I'm married to a Hunter.

Blizzard unveils new spell animations in patch 7.3 Back at the start of Legion, we got new combat animations for each class. Some players loved them -- I'm personally still hugely fond of how Rampage looks -- and others weren't so happy.

Role Play: Plot points for roleplayers headed into patch 7.3 Argus is clearly visible in the sky for all players now. We just had a new 7.3 related scenario drop yesterday.

Bastion of Twilight raid entrance
7.3 PTR raid testing coming up this week Raids have to be tested every WoW PTR cycle, but due to the nature of monitoring these raids, the development team likes to be on hand to observe. Thus, they have to schedule raid testing for specific windows of time, announced in advance.


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