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Waiting on TTRPGs from Critical Role or Chris Metzen? Here are some of our favorite indie Tabletop RPGs in the meantime

This week, former Blizzard Senior Vice President of Story & Franchise Development Chris Metzen announced the formation of Warchief Gaming -- previously a gaming club and now a development studio for tabletop games -- and on the same day, Critical Role announced the formation of Darrington Press, which will also be focusing on tabletop game development.

The Queue: Trick or Treat?

That’s right, friendos, it’s Spooky Splatfest Season, and this weekend’s extra-long Splatfest is all about tricking. Or treating. It depends on which side you choose. This time — just like I did two years ago — I’m going with Team Trick. If we lose again, I’m gonna be so Yogg-dang peeved.

Okay, so I won’t be all that mad. Splatfests are fun, and these surprise bonus ones after the “final” Splatfest are always a… um… treat. Anyhow, let’s Queue as we think about our choices.


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