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The Queue: A very good kitty <3

The good boi you see above is Rowie (R”ow”-ie not R”oh”-ie). My family got this cat when I was barely in junior high, and he had his 18th birthday just last December. Even though he was technically our second cat, he was the first one that I really bonded with. He’d been really attached to my sister, so after she passed, it was really humbling to see how much he clearly had missed me every time I was able to come home from college for a few days. He’s kept me company through many a gaming session, and he’s the cat that made me realize just how chatty and personable cats can be.

Unfortunately — and you may have guessed this by now — we just found out we’re going to have to say goodbye to him very soon. I could probably write a whole post on him, but to spare you any further sadness, I’ll just say this: He’s been a very good kitty, and I’m going to really miss him <3

Anyhow, last week’s outlook of “it can only get better” is not holding up too well. Let’s distract ourselves with a Queue.


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