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The Queue: Old Paladin yells at cloud

Sometimes you’ve just gotta yell at those clouds. Sometimes the clouds are dragons. Sometimes the clouds are Old Gods. And sometimes the clouds are patch notes.

None of them take much notice of your yelling, but what else is there to do but shake your fist at the sky?

Anyway, this is not a cloud, it is the Queue. Let’s answer some questions.

Blizzard Watch Podcast: Our love/hate relationship with Diablo

Join us as we discuss how Diablo Immortal is the Diablo MMO we all wanted if it weren’t for the monetization and rapid seasons rollouts, how Hearthstone’s latest mini-set release is really just The Great Muppet Caper with Yogg-Saron (and we mean that in the best way possible), and how Wrath Classic’s new Titan Rune dungeons could have been the template for how WoW was developed.

Five tips to help you get started in Warcraft Rumble

Blizzard's next mobile game Warcraft Rumble has been soft-launched in a few countries around the world for a little while now, and having some expert tips in your pocket might help you as you're getting started in the game. I've been lucky enough to live in Canada so I've been playing for about a month now and have learned a few things that may help you in your quest to be the best Rumbler around.

The Queue: This is the part where we shoot each other

Starfield has a lot of influences. The spaceship design borrows heavily from old 60’s and 70’s NASA launches like the various Apollo missions, while also feeling not dissimilar to Space:1999 if y’all remember that one. In terms of gameplay, it’s a bit of a mixed bag, with a clear line of descent from Skyrim and the Bethesda Fallout games — in many ways it’s a successor to Fallout 4 with all the addictive spaceship and outpost building you can do.


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