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A Thousand Years of War audio drama answers a thousand years of questions Finally, we’ve got some answers! Blizzard has just released not a new short story, but a new three-part audio drama along the same vein as last year’s Tomb of Sargeras.

Heroic Antorus raid testing on the PTR Friday Two of the bosses in Antorus, the Burning Throne will be up for raid testing this Friday on the PTR. Blizzard will be testing Garothi Worldbreaker and Felhounds of Sargeras in Heroic mode at 1pm and 2pm PDT respectively.

I keep rerolling that Troll Druid just because Troll cat form is the best thing ever I love just running around Orgrimmar as a colorful striped cat.

What Warcraft’s Patch 7.3.2 spoilers mean for the fate of Azeroth and the next expansion Wowhead has pulled some new voice files out of the recent patch 7.3.2 PTR and ... Guys, if we go any further into this I gotta get this spoiler warning out of the way. Because it's big. Spoilers. Teasing the next expansion. You shouldn't read any further unless you want that.


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