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The Queue: Imagine if dinosaurs could be vampires

Pegomastax was almost certainly not a vampire. I mean, it had weird, elongated fangs, especially for an herbivore, but it was almost certainly a normal member of the Heterodontosauridae and not a vampire. Which is good, because if it were a vampire, it might well have survived all the way to the present day and then you’d have to worry about a vampire with 65 million or so years of experience coming after you when you slept.

With all that experience you would never hear it until it had those teeth in your throat.

This is the Queue. Don’t worry, there are no such things as vampire dinosaurs.


The Queue: Untitled Queue Simulator

Here’s a fun one to ponder while y’all read over this: If The Queue were turned into a simulator-style game, what would it look like? I think the characters you could play as would be fairly obvious, but would there be bonus characters? How would one unlock Jovan? And how would you be scored? What a fun concept for everyone to think on!

While you do that, let’s Queue.


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