Locked and Loaded: The best Hunter Artifact weapon build paths

It’s going to take a long time to fully unlock the Artifact traits of your chosen Artifact weapon, and even longer if you decide to level up more than one weapon at the same time. Just how long will depend on how you play, but you’re looking at several months at a minimum.

With that kind of time investment, it’s worth planning out your trait unlock path ahead of time. Yes, it’s possible to respec your Artifact, but I would advise against this since it costs as much as whatever your next trait would cost. So if you were 20 traits in and decided to respec, it would cost you nearly 40k Artifact Power to do so, which would potentially put you back a week or more in Artifact progression.


Community Heroes tournaments and Super League

There aren’t a ton of Heroes of the Storm professional esports events to watch this weekend. Korea’s Super League remains as constant as death, taxes and North America roster swaps, and that’s about all she wrote. However, a lack of professional events doesn’t mean there’s nothing to watch. In fact, there’s a sudden resurgence of grassroots community tournaments coming up. These events give the community a fun, casual outlet to show their stuff, and they can also provide a way for amateur teams to see if they’ve got what it takes to go pro — see Heroes United season one champions Vox Nihili for one notable example.

Your times to watch this weekend, plus information on how you can sign up to compete after the break.


Azeroth Armory: Behold, the Ashbringer!

Okay, we all knew what we wanted to see. I even leveled a Ret Paladin to 100 because, even I can’t deny that the Ashbringer is one of those weapons you absolutely want to see in game. And now, you can see it in real life. Tony Swatton over at Azeroth Armory (and seriously, Blizzard, this series is the best tie-in you’ve ever done for an expansion) has created a fully functional version of the Ashbringer Artifact weapon.


The Queue: Headcanon

So I recently leveled my 10th level 100 thanks to invasions (five Warriors – Human, Worgen, two Draenei and a Night Elf plus two Demon Hunters, a Hunter, a Shaman and a Paladin) and when I got the most recent Warrior to Stormwind I found myself constructing a story for her in my head. She’s a Night Elf, a traditionalist who thinks a man’s place is sleeping in a barrow den somewhere talking to trees. She absolutely thinks she should be running the whole war against the Legion and she’s not very deferential to her people’s ‘leaders’ at all.

So during the scene in the throne room she was pretty much all you know, Jaina’s got a lot of good arguments. If Jaina starts her own faction, I think she’d be down for a gig as Jaina’s new Night Elf bodyguard.

Yeah, it didn’t work out great for the last one, but that sort of proves her point.

This is the Queue. Let’s chat.


BlizzCaps: Maybe we should buy the Iron Horde some e-readers

“There I was, exploding the bloody orcs of Zeth’gol for the hundredth time, when my companion Delver paused and drunkenly swayed by a table in some random orc’s tent,” writes submitter Dorelei of Spectacular Death on Llane (US-A). My first thought was ‘Orcs use tables?’ and my second was ‘These are newly mogged shoes. He better not be getting ready to show me his ‘breakfast of champions’ again.’

‘Hic! Commander,’ slurred Delvar, ‘What ya think these orcs are doing wit all these books?’ To my astonishment right there on the … table … was a somewhat neat pile of what I could only call books. Astounding!” Well, it looks like it’s time for another cross-faction racial awareness seminar. Thanks, Delver. Now we all have to listen to some dude from Humanoid Resources lecture us for three hours while we try to pretend he doesn’t have a mustard stain on his shirt.

Want to see your picture here on BlizzCaps? Well, why not? Email your screenshots to blizzcaps@blizzardwatch.com, or tweet it with the hashtag #blizzcaps, and we’ll check it out. We prefer pictures with names turned off, and if you don’t want your screenshot to get caught in our spam folder, please use the word “BlizzCaps” somewhere in the email.


Blizzard Watch: Episode 84

Welcome to episode 84 of Blizzard Watch’s podcast! In this episode Matt, Anne, and Alex have plenty to say on the games of Blizzard Entertainment while answering your reader emails. Join us every week on our twitch.tv page for the live show, and check back later on for the podcast on iTunes and other outlets. Have a question for the show? Just send an email to podcast@blizzardwatch.com!

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Spiritual Guidance: Artifact paths for Discipline and Holy Priests

Legion will be here Tuesday, and with that comes our brand new Artifact weapons. Now, as soon as you enter Dalaran, your class NPC will appear with a very urgent and mysterious quest. The quest leads you to choose your Artifact, then immediately launches into the respective Artifact questline before setting up your class hall. Once your class order hall is complete, you are introduced to you new Artifact tree, complete with shiny new talents and what seems like a million, million paths, glittering in their perfection.

Now, this is by no means a definitive guide or bible or rulebook about how to pave your way through your Artifact tree. Unlike the final titan, there is not exactly one clear above all others. The beauty of the Artifact trees is that I have yet to see a standard, unanimously-agreed-upon path. Sure, there is a general consensus about which direction to go, but the individual talents or order vary as much as the people posting them.