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The Queue: Happy Star Wars with our good friend Mat McCurley

Our good friend and previous WoW Insider podcast host Mat McCurley has decided that Star Wars fans need a bit of happy, something I agree with. And who better to provide that than the other (better?) half of the two-headed Orc MatMatt? I’ve recently given his show a listen, and it’s got the classic Mat “my other name is Ira Glass” McCurley vibe to it.

In episode two he goes into why he loves, and we should all love, Rose Tico. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that I think we should also love Rose Tico and what she brings to the films (and hopefully have more of it), and Mat frames the recent goings-on around the character in a perspective that is very respectful and spot-on, I think. It’s definitely worth a listen.

You can find more on his site or on the Happy Star Wars iTunes page.

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